Heinsenberg by V Juice Flavour Concentrate 30ml

Heisenberg eliquid Concentrate – You’ll love the ripe fruit undertone finishing with a cooling crystal blue after effect that will leave you wanting more and more.


For best results we recommend using between 10%-20% flavouring in your eliquid mixture, depending if you like a strong flavour or a subtle one. Generally if using less than 10% there will not be much flavour at all, and if you use over 20% flavours can be too strong or harsh.


Our eliquid concentrate flavours should be ready to vape 10 minutes after it’s mixed, but feel free to steep it a while if you wish to blend the ingredients better, but this is not required.

Heinsenberg by V Juice Flavour Concentrate 30ml

Regular Nicotine *4
Base Mix

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